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"The Sterland Doekvoet Guesthouse" is a small cottage which offers a family room with a double and three single beds, a small kitchen, bath and shower. Doekvoet is the nickname for the Riverine which is an endangered species.

The "The Sterland Doekvoet Guesthouse" is perfectly suited for a family of 4 or 5 looking for a weekend away.

Breakfast is served between 08H00 and 10H00 at the main house "Sterland."

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A second house called "Sterland Baroe Guest House" offers two en-suite rooms (double and single bed in each room) with ample blankets, electric warm blankets, electric oil heater, spare blankets, duvet, selective DSTV  and a comfortable living room with inside braai (BBQ). An outside braai area and double lock-up garage is also available.

The "Sterland Baroe Guest House" house is perfectly suited for a family of 4 or more or two couple's looking to get away for the weekend.

Breakfast is served between 08H00 and 10H00 at the main house "Sterland"

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Perhaps it was - Nova Centauri 2013

Good morning Jurg,

There was an article in the Cape Times about the Nova Centauri 2013 and a Nuclear fusion. Was that perhaps the shooting star we saw almost at 9pm, when Mandela died. It was for sure the brightest shooting star I had ever seen and I often have spend time in the Karoo. Strange, but who knows? They also mention that in June 1918 a very bright star appeared known as V0603 Aquilae.This star was getting as bright as the Centauri in July 1918, when Mandela was born they said. What do you know about this?

We all enjoyed the stargazing very much. I think specially being before we went to see all the Observatories the next morning. Made it all more understanding, but it is however all still "mind boggling" (nice English expression describing it).

Kind regards,
Gudrun Anderson GRF-Tours

Posted By Juanita Hutchings on December 2013 12

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